Blog :: 04-2011

Citizen of the Year: A Shanahan Real Estate Husband!

We are really thrilled to announce that our own Mary Price is married to Winchesters next Citizen of the Year! Every year, this person is chosen by the Winchester Chamber of Commerce. For 2011, Charlie Price and Carl Boerner are going to be honored together. These two men tirelessly serve the community and volunteer their time and talents to so many organizations such as the Jenks Center, The Winton Club, The ABC House, The Winchester Co operative Theatre and The Winchester Boat Club to name just a few. The reception to honor our new Citizens of the Year will be held at the Woburn Hilton on Wednesday May 11th. What an honor and well deserved. Congratulations, Charlie!

Welcome to the New!

Welcome to our new website! We are very excited about our new site and, while it sometimes felt like a homework assignment already overdue, it gave us a chance to look at what is really valuable information for the consumer. Our agents have been in Winchester and our neighboring communities for many years and we are experts in our local real estate market. We hope you find our unique perspective valuable and that our new site reflects this. We would love feedback on our blog and the new website. Let us know what you would like to hear about, how you like the blog and what you think about the site. Speaking of new arrivals! We have a new addition to our Shanahan Group and it is Baby Emma Madeline Garrett. Karen Garrett, my daughter and one of our Realtors, brought this pink bundle of joy into the world March 1st and she has already made the rounds of open houses in her Baby Bjorn!