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The Most Attractive Buyer

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The Real Estate landscape has changed dramatically over last year - sales are up and prices are up.Inventory remains low and as a result, many properties are being sold above asking price - and with multiple offers. The trick is to be the most attractive buyer while still operating within your budget and your comfort level. Let's talk about how:

Preapproval- In this market, the potential buyer who has not been preapproved will not not even make the list. Period. Make sure you're preapproved (not simply pre-qualified) by a reputable bank. When submitting your offer, time permitting, you should have a formal preapproval letter specific to this property, from your lender, stating your offer amount. Contingencies Love Letter Accommodating - Does the seller want a quick closing? Do they want to wait until the end of the school year before moving? Are they also trying to buy and need to get the property under agreement as soon as possible? The more you can work within their timelines, the easier you can make the process for them, the more likely it is your offer will make it to the top of the pile. Responsive Percentage Down Inspection (no nickel and dimeing)