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House Hunters: The Winchester episode airs this week!

Roll out the red carpet! Shanahan Real Estate Group is going Hollywood this week!
House Hunters Square logo

House Hunters comes to Winchester this Friday!

On Friday night, HGTV's House Hunters is airing an episode about a couple looking for a home in Winchester, with Karen Garrett appearing as their real estate agent. The show follows the couple around as they look at three different houses. At the end of the episode, the buyers decide on the house that they will purchase. This spring, the production team came to town and filmed the episode with the buyers and Karen. It was a really fascinating process of producing the show and something totally new to Karen and the buyers. There is a really critical level of detail from scrutinizing the objects in the background to ensuring that background noise is consistent and not disruptive. In fact, each scene is filmed three different times to ensure that the producers get the right angle and focus. Imagine trying to film a scene in downtown Winchester on a weekday afternoon at 5pm: the evening train, cars going down Thompson St, airplanes overhead and even a mail bin being pushed down the brick sidewalk- all of these things slow down the filming process! It has been such a fun process and very exciting to be part of House Hunters. We haven't seen the final episode, so we are very much looking forward to seeing the finished product (Karen is a little anxious!). Look for more House Hunters fun this week on our site and on Facebook, and be sure to tune in on Friday night at 10PM on HGTV.
Film Crew for House Hunters

The awesome film crew for House Hunters. We finished shooting on this day at our Shanahan Real Estate Group office on Thompson St in Winchester.