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The Most Attractive Buyer

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The Real Estate landscape has changed dramatically over last year - sales are up and prices are up.Inventory remains low and as a result, many properties are being sold above asking price - and with multiple offers. The trick is to be the most attractive buyer while still operating within your budget and your comfort level. Let's talk about how:

Preapproval- In this market, the potential buyer who has not been preapproved will not not even make the list. Period. Make sure you're preapproved (not simply pre-qualified) by a reputable bank. When submitting your offer, time permitting, you should have a formal preapproval letter specific to this property, from your lender, stating your offer amount. Contingencies Love Letter Accommodating - Does the seller want a quick closing? Do they want to wait until the end of the school year before moving? Are they also trying to buy and need to get the property under agreement as soon as possible? The more you can work within their timelines, the easier you can make the process for them, the more likely it is your offer will make it to the top of the pile. Responsive Percentage Down Inspection (no nickel and dimeing)

What to Expect When Youre Moving

Well, boys here we are: less than two weeks from MOVING DAY!! Of course youve noted that 90% of the house is boxed up and that the answer to most of your Mom, wheres my? questions is either packed or I dont know. Weve talked a lot about new schools, new friends, and the emotional side of moving. As we move closer to D-Day (M-Day?), I thought Id focus on a few logistical items as well. Laundry: Im trying to keep up with the laundry as best I can in between packing and planning. If I do say so myself, Ive done a pretty good job of washing and drying. The folding-and-putting-away portion of this task leaves something to be desired. For the time being, Ive introduced a secondary system: Clothing has been divided into heaps by wearer and currently resides on the playroom couch. If you need something, look there. If you cant find it, its packed. Find something else. Clothing: I dont care what the thermometer reads, its shorts season. You have an ample supply of shorts and shirts. Ive also left out one or two sweatshirts for chilly mornings/evenings. If the temperature goes below freezing, Ill dig through to find you a light jacket. Short of that, youre strong and tough; Im sure a little light calisthenics will warm you right up. I would also like to take a minute to congratulate both you on being the same size right now. Excellent timing! Interchangeable clothing really does make things simpler. Linens: The sheets currently on your beds are there for the duration. Use them responsibly. I do have an emergency pillowcase tucked away. Dont make me use it. Most of our towels are wrapped around something expensive and/or breakable. Try to conserve what Ive left out for us (the threadbare, shredded remains). Drip dry whenever possible. Food: Grocery shopping as we know it has been suspended. I want to move as little food from house to house as possible. As we make our way through the remaining items, expect combinations to become increasingly (bizarre) eclectic, or as I like to call it, Fusion. Dad and I will try to keep the essentials in the house. For our purposes, consider essentials to be caffeine, milk, and more caffeine. Also, two words: Paper plates. Use them, love them, throw them away. Screen Time: I know that your home life recently has taken on a kind of a Lord of the Flies with take-out pizza and wifi vibe. Fun as it might have been at the beginning, Im sure we can all agree its gotten a little old. It will not continue much longer. Plan on stepping out of the basement and away from the computer/iPad/Xbox! There is life beyond Minecraft! We are moving to a bigger house, with a bigger yard, on a bigger street, with more kids. Were even going to be able to locate your bikes and sports equipment! Embrace and enjoy! All joking aside, I have to thank you both for rolling with all of the changes and interruptions that weve gone through in the last few months with preparing, showing, selling, and packing. Dad and I truly feel it will all be worth it. Only when you have kids of your own, will you understand that everything we do, we do with your best interest at heart. We so look forward to returning to our normal family life in our wonderful new home. No matter where we live, we are our family. Home Sign This week's blog post written by Realtor Associate, Christine Curtin. Christine is currently up to her eyeballs in bubble wrap and packing tape and she, her husband, and two sons prepare to move "in less than two weeks". Contact Christine at:

Getting to Know Your REALTOR - Part III

We hope you've been enjoying our Getting to Know Your Realtor series and that you've been learning more about the dynamic and knowledgeable team who make up Better Homes and Gardens The Shanahan Group. This week, we're pleased to present Molly Nolan Byrne. A native of Winchester, Molly currently resides in Wayland, with her husband, Darin and two (soon to be three!) boys. In addition to being a full time mom and Realtor, Molly and Darin are also renovating their home. Needless to say, keeping all these balls in the air makes Molly one terrific (and energetic) juggler! Molly Growing up in Winchester with my six siblings, we anxiously awaited the EnKa Fair and Town Day as the unofficial kick-off events to summer. After the beautiful fireworks display ends on the evening of Town Day (and what a beauty it was this year!), visions of lazy days at one of Winchester's pools or Borggaard Beach, tennis lessons at the town's Packard Courts, and summer picnics in the Town Common, dance in our heads. Summer in Winchester is a beautiful time to soak up everything the town and its surroundings have to offer. As the mother of two young boys (and an aunt to many more!), I'm always looking for safe and family-centered activities in the area. As a former member of the world-renowned Winchester High School girls soccer team (okay... so maybe I'm a little bit biased...), and wife to one of Winchester's former football team captains (the soccer team was always better!), we appreciate the many children's sports activities and camps throughout the town. On days when the thermometer climbs above 90, we love to sit in the cool Town Library and listen to story time, or stroll through the shady, tree-lined streets on the way to get an ice-cream in the center of town. As a kid growing up in Winchester, while I loved hanging out with my friends during the week, I was happy when the weekend finally rolled around. A short hour-long car ride is all that separated the Nolan clan from Cape Cod, where I spent summers in Bourne, looking for periwinkles, riding bikes ("Don't go past those train tracks!" Nana would yell), and building sandcastles. Whatever you're looking for this summer, this area has it all. I would love the opportunity to show you the town I still consider home to me (and may soon be for you!).

Getting to Know your REALTOR

Welcome to Part 2 of our ongoing series, Getting to Know Your REALTOR, a chance for members of our team to stand up and blog a little about ourselves and our lives in and out of Real Estate. We're happy to introduce, Rebecca Brennan-Laird. If asked to describe Rebecca, we'd use "kind, knowledgeable, and ENERGETIC." But we'll let you hear it straight from her... About Me Rebecca I like to help people. It is in my nature and one of the reasons I love being a Realtor. And I have the best clients! I get to know them and their families and be a part of a major event in their lives. The reasons for moving are many - buying a first home, getting married, job relocation, having a baby, having another baby, empty nesting, moving to a warmer climate, losing a parent or spouse. And moving can be stressful (even the happy events can be stressful!). It is my job to make this transition as painless and stress free as possible. I am the current President of the Rotary Club of Winchester. The Rotary Motto is Service Above Self (did I mention I like to help people?) The Rotary Club just had its annual Golf Tournament at the Winchester Country Club and its annual Pancake Breakfast at the McCall Middle School. We raise money to help our community, our country and our world. I am very proud of what we accomplish as an organization and look forward to many more years of Rotary Service. Inducting three new Rotarians: Rotary Rebecca I am also a long distance runner. My most recent race was the Cape Cod Ragnar. Over 300 relay teams ran the 36 hour 192 mile race that started in Hull, MA and ended in Provincetown, MA. My team consisted of twelve runaway brides and a whole lotta fun! My Runaway Bride Relay Team: Running Rebecca I live in Winchester, MA with my wonderful husband, two handsome teenage boys, and two lovable Labrador retrievers. Rebecca's Dogs