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Our experience in writing successful offers for homes in the Winchester MA area can help you write a strong offer, be competitive in a multiple offer situation and most importantly, protect your interests. When writing an offer, you and your agent will discuss key factors such as comparable sales in the area, market conditions, the property’s time on the market as well as the possibility of other, competitive offers. You should rely on the expert advice from your agent in drafting your offer, as he/she can help you balance these factors with your own personal requirements and interests.

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What Makes For A Winning Offer?

1. Get pre-approved Before writing an offer – and ideally before you even begin your search – meet with your bank or other financial advisor; the one who will be giving you your mortgage, and get pre-qualified or pre-approved. When it’s time to put forth an offer, the seller will know it’s serious.

2. Understand the local context When you have found a property that meets most (or all!) of your search criteria and you have decided to make an offer, it’s time to be strategic. This is where you will reply on the experience and professionalism of your agent. You should expect to detailed conversations about recently sold properties, properties that you have seen in the past and current market conditions. Your agent will also likely have insight into whether there are other offers that will present competition for yours. All of these factors will go into crafting a strong offer.

3. Understand and adjust to the seller's interests Asking the right questions prior to writing an offer can often make the difference between an accepted offer and a stalled negotiation. Some terms in the offer may be of great significance to the seller, whereas only a slight inconvenience for you. Should the seller want to rent the place back, for example, for a few days or weeks after closing, your written flexibility on the closing date could be a strong factor in your offer. Talk to your agent about what insight he/she has about the sellers and what might be important to them in their move.

4. Provide an appropriate time for the seller's response Time is of the essence once you decide to take the plunge, especially regarding a newer listing in which the risk is high that other buyers will potentially submit offers. Discuss with your agent the timing of you offer, the existence of other, competing offers and decide together what your timelines will be.

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