Breakfast Food Drive Supporting Winchester Got Lunch

We are excited to be hosting a Breakfast Food Drive during the month of May in partnership with Winchester Got Lunch. WGL proves healthy foods during the summer for students who may rely on subsidized school-year lunches or who are nutritionally challenged due to unforeseen circumstances.   

Please consider dropping off items at our office at 552 Main Street, Winchester to show support for our community.  Thank you so much!

-Boxed Cereal

-Shelf-Stable Milk

-Waffle/Pancake Mix



The Shanahan Group introduces RealVitalizeĀ®


BHGRE The Shanahan Group, is pleased to introduce RealVitalize® to help sellers make needed improvements and repairs to prep your home for sale. RealVitalize® works with you and your Shanahan Group agent to get your house ready to show to prospective buyers, thereby simplifying the process, without any up front costs to you! We pay the upfront costs and you don’t pay us back until closing. The results are amazing and most homes using the RealVitalize® program sell at or above list price*. We provide an established network of vetted, local contractors to help with painting, staging, renovations, flooring, handyman services, electrical, plumbing, landscaping & more!  

Use the RealVitalize program to help with:

• Painting

• Staging

• Room Renovations

• Flooring and Carpentry

• Cleaning and Handyman Services

• Electrical and Plumbing

• Landscaping and Curb Appeal

• And much more!

*Based on program data from 6/1/20 to 5/31/21

Celebrating MLK Day with Education

When buying or selling a home, everyone should work with a real estate professional who understands their unique circumstances and needs. By developing a business practice rooted in inclusion and equality, and backed by professionals committed to fair housing principles and an understanding of how our industry has evolved, we can help buyers of all cultural backgrounds achieve the dream of homeownership. 

On this Martin Luther King Day, we extend congratulations to Robert Ellington, Rebecca Brennan-Laird and Karen Garrett for recently completing the At Home With Diversity certification class, offered through the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 

At Home With Diversity® (AHWD) is an NAR certification program designed to present a picture of the changing face of the real estate industry. Since 1998, the At Home With Diversity® program has prepared over 20,000 REALTORS® to work effectively with and within today's increasingly diverse pool of homebuyers. The At Home with Diversity® course addresses the topics of diversity, fair housing, and business planning development. After successfully completing the course, REALTORS® are eligible to apply for the official AHWD certification. Kudos to Robert, Rebecca and Karen for committing the time to achieve this important certification. 


Ask a Realtor: Thanksgiving Special Edition

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Throughout this past year we have been fortunate to spend time with the people we cherish - friends, family, colleagues, and clients. From Town Day to Spirit Weekend, we are grateful for all of the opportunities to help grow and strengthen our community. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, our team has reflected on what they are most thankful for: 


"I am grateful for my wonderful family and so thankful to be surrounded by work friends who are the nicest people I know. They are kind, supportive and fun!"

- Nan Shanahan, REALTOR


"It takes a village." In our personal and professional lives, we thrive with the support and friendship of the people around us. This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for *my* village. These are the people that show up with a laugh, a text, a little advice, an ear to listen or, when it's really bad, they come with gatorade, chocolate, chicken pot pie and wine. They might be your family, your fiends, your clients or colleagues (or all of the above!), but everyone needs their village. I am so very thankful for mine."


- Karen Garrett, REALTOR


"I am very thankful for my family, our health, a job I love and the flexibility to live a fulfilling life surrounded by people that love and support each other unconditionally."


- Catherine Albiani, REALTOR


"I am thankful for my husband and son. Also, for the ability to help my clients create a home- invest in their future  or move to their next chapter."


- Robert Ellington, REALTOR


"I am thankful for my village! As we navigate new challenges in work, social and home life, I am so grateful for the relationships my family has fostered.  We all need a little help sometimes, and it's a reminder to put good into the world and be kind!"


- Katie Tully, REALTOR


"Years ago, we were introduced to a town named Winchester.  It was a corporate transfer, we used a road map to get here!  Sun was setting on a late November day and the library and Town Hall were glowing. How beautiful!  We have been here for many years, and love it more each season and year."


- Mary Price, REALTOR 


"I’m thankful for my husband and that his last scan was clear. I’m grateful for our home and the life I’m living."


- Kathy Culkin, REALTOR


"I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for a warm home that protects us from the elements and allows us to all be together.  I am thankful for the beauty of New England.  I am thankful for a comfy couch, puppy snuggles and hot chocolate."


- Rebecca Brennan-Laird, REALTOR


"I am thankful for my loving (and expanding!) family, my amazing friends and my truly supportive colleagues who always do their best to make sure I'm able to be the best version of me."


- Dara Singleton, REALTOR


"I am thankful for all of life’s blessings, including my family and friends."


- Patricia O’Donnell, REALTOR


"I am Thankful to have my family all living in the same state again, that I can visit my 92 year old mother in person and especially grateful that I will be a grandmother in April!"


- Brenda Santini, REALTOR


"Everyday I am thankful for my loud and crazy house of boys, and a patient husband who also  loves to cook!  


I am also thankful for my fun and supportive family. Even though they are all far away, they never seem too far. And lastly, for a community where friends feel like family.  Being a Winchester transplant, it is nice to know a helping hand is never far away."


- Clay Tappan, REALTOR


"I am grateful for my entire family, but particularly the good health of my parents and in -laws this year.  I'm grateful for my husband, who is a saint, and my kids.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention my gratitude for scientists, first responders and our amazing community."


- Lynne Russo, REALTOR


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    BHGRE The Shanahan Group's Month of Giving

    As we approach the holidays, it is natural to reflect on all that we are thankful for. At the Shanahan Group, we are always grateful for the opportunities we have to give back to our extended community and to share our good fortune with others. For this reason, we are designating November as our Month of Giving! 

    We are especially happy to announce our month-long linen drive in association with the Mission of Deeds. Our office at 552 Main Street, Winchester, MA will be accepting new:

    • Bed Pillows
    • Full/Queen Sheets
    • Full/Queen Blankets
    • Full/Queen Comforters
    • Twin Sheets
    • Twin Blankets
    • Twin Comforters
    • Towels/Face Cloths

    Or, if you would prefer to make a monetary donation, please follow the link below:

    Finally, make sure to follow us on social media as we continue to announce further charitable opportunities throughout the coming weeks!

    Ask a Realtor: Why is it Important to Stage a Home Before Selling?

    From appealing to a broader audience to creating a good impression online or in-person, or helping buyers feel at home in the property, there are several reasons why staging is important to the successful sale of a home. 


    Houses can become extensions of ourselves. Remember that paint color you chose for the guest bedroom? What about the family pictures that decorate the hallway? All these things make your home, yours. However, when preparing to sell a home, the mindset should shift from what makes the house yours to what will make it feel like it could be someone else’s. Staging can help neutralize the space so that when buyers walk into a room, they can envision themselves living there. Perhaps they imagine their photos on the wall or have a favorite wallpaper they have been waiting to use. 


    NAR reports that 97% of home buyers searched online for homes at some point in the shopping process. First impressions matter.


    To hear more from Paula Sughrue, click here



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      Ask a Realtor: Introducing RealVitalize

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      Introducing the RealVitalize program! Launching this month at BHGRE The Shanahan Group, this new service will support our seller clients in preparing their property to be on the market. We understand that one of the most stressful aspects of selling a house can be organizing and completing any work necessary to get it ready to show to prospective buyers. We also know that one of the biggest drivers of a home’s value today is condition - sometimes an even bigger factor than location! 


      Enter RealVitalize! This program provides an established network of vetted, local contractors from Angi, formerly Angie’s List, to tackle home improvement projects and staging work to make the home sparkle. Working in partnership with a Shanahan Group agent, RealVitalize makes the process of home improvements, repairs, and staging as painless as possible.


      The best part? RealVitalize covers the upfront costs of this work, without additional fees, charges, or markups. Sellers pay for the work when the home sells. Amazing!


      We are always looking for ways to simplify real estate for our clients and RealVitalize is just one of the tools we can offer to seller clients to make life a little bit easier, in an already busy time.


      For more information, check out this overview of the RealVitalize Program, or ask a Shanahan Group agent anytime for details about how it works. 


      To hear more from Karen Garrett, click here


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        Ask a Realtor: A Day in the Life

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        How many people get to find entertainment every day simply from sitting at his or her desk?  I do!  I work as the office administrator for The Shanahan Group, located on a cheerful street corner in downtown Winchester, where there is always something fun, interesting, or downright curious going on.  


        A typical day begins with the procurement of morning coffee, the location of which is largely dictated by which coffee shop is open, has staff, and also has coffee that day.  Another prerequisite for the day is to fill the dog water bowl outside, which invites pups of all shapes and sizes to stop for some refreshment, particularly on those blazing hot days.  So many people and pets pass by on a daily basis.  It’s fun to listen to the conversations between pet parent and fur baby, moms and dads pleading and cajoling their small children, and the happy meetings between friends that happen to spontaneously reunite right outside the window.   


        Then, on to handling the transactions for the day.  In real estate, you never can be sure how the day will go. In this ever-changing landscape, it is interesting to see what will be coming on the market each week, and even more exciting - what has sold! The intricate dance between buyers and sellers coming to a mutually beneficial agreement is fascinating! Most transactions go through without a hitch, but occasionally a small hiccup causes a delay of some kind.  However, it always works out in the end.  It has been such a pleasure getting to know the agents in the office, as they all bring fun and unique personalities and seem to genuinely enjoy what they do.  Every day is certainly a new adventure.


        As a relative newcomer to the state of Massachusetts (from what I’ve heard as the “flyover state” of Minnesota), working in this idyllic town has brought the opportunity to witness a community at work, a strong sense of history, and feeling of unity you don’t see every day.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.  Definitely stop in and say “Hi” if you’re ever outside the window!


        To hear more from our Office Administrator, Jen Musto, click here


        Ask a Realtor: What Tips do you Have for People Who are Relocating?

        Relocating can be very difficult for the entire family. Not only are you moving to a new home, but you are potentially finding new schools, doctors, babysitters, restaurants, friends and SO much more! Working with a relocation coordinator that is familiar with your destination and has knowledge and expertise in this area is key to making it a smoother transition for everyone. Through my own experiences, I have also found that it is helpful when the advisor has a personal relationship with relocation. They can truly understand the emotions and stress involved in the transition.  


        With every move, my family has made (and there have been a lot!), I confirmed that our relocation coordinator was very familiar with the area before our house hunting trip.  We extensively discussed what was important to us, not only about the home, but also what we hoped for in a community.  The more straightforward you are with your relocation coordinator, the better able they are to accommodate your needs and requests. 


        Lastly, before relocating...make sure to pack your patience and a good sense of humor!  


        For more information about our relocation, concierge, and referral services, please contact Clay Tappan, Manager of HOMECOMING Business Development, BHGRE The Shanahan Group 


        Ask a Realtor: What does a Contingency Mean in Real Estate?

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        What Does a Contingency Mean in Real Estate? 

        When we talk about contingencies, we are most commonly talking about conditions of a contract to purchase a home. These conditions may be something that either the buyer, seller or both, must meet for the sale to be completed.  

        Typical Contingencies are Buyer Financing and Home Inspections. 

        A financing contingency would be included in an offer if the buyer requires financing in order to purchase the property. The contingency would state that the buyer must receive a mortgage commitment from its lender to proceed with the purchase.  If the buyer is not able to secure financing by an agreed-upon date, the buyer would not be able to complete the purchase of the property and would be entitled to the return of their deposit. 

        Another typical contingency is the home inspection contingency. Here, the buyer would be allowed to have a home inspection to understand the condition of the property and to complete their due diligence.  Should the inspection uncover problems, particularly those that impact the safety, operations, or value of the home, the buyer may decide not to move forward with the purchase or renegotiate the terms of the agreement with the sellers.

        Satisfying Contingencies 

        Contingencies typically include a date by which the conditions must be met. After all the contingencies have been met by both parties, the property is ready to be sold. If, however, either party is unable to meet their obligations in the given timeframe, both buyer and seller will negotiate new terms, extend the timing, or agree to void the contract. 

        It’s important to understand what contingencies are and how they protect you as the buyer or seller of real estate. Especially in our recent sellers’ market, buyers have been waiving contingencies in their offers, as a way to be more competitive. While this is attractive to sellers and has become a frequent occurrence, there is a risk to buyers with this strategy. As always, a strong, skilled, and local real estate professional is your best asset in buying and selling property.


        To hear more from Kathy Culkin, click here