A Note from Nan and Karen

This week, our family will celebrate the life of John Sullivan, Nan’s brother, and Karen’s uncle. While there are so many things to say and appreciate about John as a person, he also played a major role in who we are at The Shanahan Group today. 


John was a born leader and had a deep appreciation for small businesses. He was a partner at Hall and Sullivan, practicing estate law locally. While this was a second career for John, it was a natural fit for him- advising friends and neighbors, all while being in Winchester Center every day. In 2007, Nan decided to start The Shanahan Group, and- as he always was- John was excited and proud to support Nan in her new venture. Karen joined the company shortly afterward, allowing all three to work together on an almost daily basis. 


Since opening our doors on Thompson St and then on Main St, John was a constant presence at The Shanahan Group. He would often walk over and sit in our office, talking about what was happening in town, offering his advice, and of course, sharing a few stories! We miss those office visits, but John’s impact on our company is enduring. 


Working with family (and enjoying it!) is a gift. We were lucky to work together and learn from John for so many years. We are forever grateful for John’s influence on our company and for his support of us as leaders. 


Finally, thank you to our Shanahan Group colleagues, neighbors, and friends for your support and kind words. We are so very appreciative. 


All the best, 

Nan and Karen


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    On the Move: American Moving Patterns since Pandemic

    For so many reasons, homeowners are rethinking where they need to live and what spaces they need in a home. Whether it’s down the street, across the country, or somewhere in between, people are on the move. So where are they going, and why? This article from Bloomberg gives us insight into the migration patterns that have occurred over the past year. 

    A map of the united states showing migration paterns during the global pandemic

    Back at home, we are seeing a unique spring market unlike any other in recent history. Low inventory levels coupled with sky-high demand have driven our median sale prices to historic levels in our core markets. The demand is coming from typical sources (buyers moving from city to suburbs) but also from homeowners who have re-thought where and how they live since the beginning of the pandemic. We also continue to see homeowners that would like to downsize and sell their larger homes, but struggle to find options for that move as well. Our group has been working hard this spring to help both buyer and seller clients navigate this challenging market- no easy task, for sure! 

    No matter where or when you may be planning a move, The Shanahan Group can help. By expanding our reach beyond our core communities with our HOMECOMING program, we have been able to cultivate strong relationships with real estate colleagues across the country to help us understand these trends and to be a resource for our clients moving out of our area. 

    Reach out anytime to understand what today’s market means for your family’s needs and plans for the future. 



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      February is Fair Housing Month

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      We believe in communities. 

      We believe in building communities. 

      We believe that everyone deserves a community where they feel safe, supported and respected. 

      It's why we are in the business of residential real estate. We understand that we have a role to play. 

      We are committed to Fair Housing policies and beyond them, we also strive to foster a warm and welcoming community, which recognizes and values diversity and inclusion. This February, our office will focus on Fair Housing as a topic for agent training and consumer awareness, to ensure that we all work together towards this goal.


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        Things To Do On The Cape in February

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        Thinking of heading to Cape Cod in February? There are so many wonderful ways to check it out! Take a look at this list of ideas from Realtor Kate Aikman.

        • Kennedy Legacy Trail (Hyannis): Take a 1.6 mile walk through history! Visit 10 sites in any order along this self guided walking trail and uncover stories and history about the Kennedys on Cape Cod. Take a tour in person or explore virtually. Visit for more information.



        • Cape Hikes: Hike Brewster Punkhorn Parklands, Fort Hill in Eastham, Nickerson State Park, Great Island Beach in Wellfleet (check high tide times prior as beach parking area can flood so do not park your car there) and check out the dunes in Provincetown or stroll the streets - its beautiful anytime of year.


        • The Frost Bar @ Ocean Edge Resort (Brewster): Enjoy traditional a la carte dining or reserve an igloo experience by calling 774-323-6013! Their wintry cocktail menu is not to be missed!


        • Scargo Cafe (Dennis): They have greenhouses available for outside dining and they fill up quickly! Call (508) 385-8200 to make a reservation.


        • Chatham Bars Inn (Chatham): Visit for more information as you do not need to be a guest in order to enjoy many of their offerings at the Inn. However, they do have a variety of special offers to choose from should you wish to stay! Currently, the Spa at the Inn is featuring "Season of Joy" specials at their Spa now through March 28th. (2/16-2/19 Blackout dates). Thursday nights at the Inn are Tacos and Trivia Night from 6-8 p.m. and Friday nights the STARS Mixology Lounge offers Flights & Bites from 3-9 p.m. 


        • Cape Wellness Collaborative: CWC provides nutritious meals and integrative wellness therapies to people on Cape Cod facing cancer. This year they have taken their annual Dancing with The Docs fundraiser online. Save the date for February 27th at 7 p.m.! The event is free to watch. However, you can register and purchase a LIMITED EDITION VIP package for $100 by February 13th. Go VIP for all the details at The event includes a look back at the amazing dance teams that have performed since 2017, fabulous online auction, fund a need and catch special guest appearances and celebrity cameos! Check out the event on Facebook to stay up to date with announcements: Dancing with the Docs: Season 5 All Stars!


        Click here for more info about finding your next perfect spot on the Cape and reach out if we can help! 



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          January is Home Maintenance Month!

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          The New Year is a time to refresh and reset - especially in your home. Whether buying, selling, or just re-organizing, we could all use some reminders and inspiration for home maintenance tips. It's important to know how to take care of your home now and all throughout the year. Take a look at these home maintenance blog posts with advice from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate - there's something for every home owners' New Year's resolution. Resolving to declutter? Try out DIY projects? Add storage for all those 2020 impulse purchases? Find some ideas here:

          If you're looking for any professional help, our team has a long list of local trusted resources who we've worked with over the years, including cleaners, painters, home-organizers, etc. Ask us! 


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            The Good Stuff: One in a series about Real real life

            BHGRE Bug Logo

            During the weeks (months?!) where the days tend to blend together, we need bright spots. They might not be big, momentous events, but just small victories, happy connections, or just a moment of peace. But we need to see them and acknowledge them to remember that they are there. 

            Here are two from my work week:

            • Today, Nan and I received an email from a client that just closed on a property and was represented by one of our agents, Lynne Russo. This client had served in the military and moving was not a new process for him and his family. It’s not often that clients take time to send us an email, so it caught our eye instantly. This client wanted to make sure that we knew how impressive, tenacious and caring Lynne was throughout the entire process (which was really challenging for so many reasons that would test any agent’s skills!). Taking the time to send that note was so kind and meant so much to Lynne, but also to all of us that work with her. 
            • Yesterday, I received a video from clients that Dara Singleton and I worked with recently. Along with the property that they purchased, these new homeowners became (ecstatic/thrilled/super excited!) adoptive parents of two goldfish. While the fish summer in a really cool whiskey-barrel-with-a-cover set up in the backyard, it was time to bring them inside for the cooler months. Our clients sent us this video to share with the sellers to let them know that their fish were loved and that they were so incredibly happy in their new home. 

            (Turn sound up!)

            While we are really proud of the work we do, I share these more as examples of small actions that make a difference to other people. The little things matter, big time and especially now. 


            ~ Karen Shanahan Garrett


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              Introducing: Shanahan By The Sea - Waterfront Collection

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              Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

              Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Shanahan Group is excited to announce the launch of
              Shanahan by the Sea -Waterfront Collection,
              a new extension of our services covering the vibrant Cape Cod real estate market.
              For over 13 years, we've had the pleasure of building a community of clients, agents, neighbors, and friends in Winchester and the surrounding suburbs, and we're thrilled to open a new door to a community where we can help familiar faces and meet new ones. Our team has deep roots - both personal and professional - on the Cape, with the knowledge and experience to not only help find your new home, but also point you in the direction of our favorite ice cream shop or coffee spot.  
              We look forward to expanding our services and offering the knowledge and expertise of familiar Shanahan agents to help you feel at home in a new market. We know the New England community extends beyond your hometown - let us help you find your next perfect spot. 
              Please reach out to for more information.


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                Our Response to COVID-19

                A note to our awesome clients and community:

                In uncertain times, we come together. While we miss seeing all of your faces, our business is ready to help you in any of your real estate needs.
                Active Buyer & Seller Clients:
                Even in the pandemic environment, our local real estate market is very active. Virtual tours, curbside closings, electronically-signed documents, and other remote tools are key right now. If you are in the market but want to keep your distance, we are with you. We have the tools and the skills to show homes safely, if you are ready. 
                Our Office & Operations:
                Our team has embraced virtual work and we continue to collaborate as an office and with our clients to navigate the real estate process in a new environment. We've operated remotely since the beginning and our office recently re-opened for our Staff in-person with social distance best practices.
                Our Community:
                We’ve always been here, right with you in our communities. We will continue to take an active role in supporting our business neighbors as well as our clients. If you need advice or just some perspective, we are here for you.
                "In It Together From Start To Finish"


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                  Don't let COVID-19 Stall Your Sale

                  Home for Sale

                  Technology that Brings Your Home to Buyers - Wherever They Are 

                  If you’ve been thinking about selling, only to be blind-sided by recent market instability, your instinct might be to hold off and stay put. That's understandable, but consider this: interest rates are at an all-time low and inventory remains short. As a seller, this puts you in a unique position and I’m ready to help you maximize your return in a market that’s more complicated than ever. 

                  We have the technology and marketing expertise to get your home sold, even if potential buyers are stuck at home. With dedicated property websitesvideo toursdigital listing packetsvirtual open houses, targeted email, and social media marketing, we can leverage our technology to reach today’s highly motivated buyers. 

                  Contact us today and we can develop a custom marketing plan exclusive to your home. We'll be here with you for the entire process, from list-to-close, with your health and safety first and foremost.

                  We Believe In Communities

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                  We believe in building communities and we stand with the town of Winchester.

                  We believe in communities. We believe in building communities. We believe that everyone deserves a community where they feel safe, supported and respected. It's why we are in the business of residential real estate. We understand that we have a role to play.

                  We are committed to Fair Housing policies and beyond them, we also strive to foster a warm and welcoming community which recognizes and values diversity and inclusion.

                  It is why we stand with the Town of Winchester, The Network for Social Justice and others in supporting this Joint Statement on Police Brutality and Systemic Racism, released June 2nd: "We condemn hate crimes, police brutality, and the systemic and pervasive institutional factors that have led to the recent violence and trauma impacting communities of color across the country."

                  Click here to read the full statement.


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