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Low Housing Inventory Means a Great Time to Sell in Winchester!

It's a great time to sell! Better Homes and Gardens The Shanahan Group's Nic Gatto explains why.


Low Inventory = Great Time to get Top Dollar for your House

The Winchester real estate market had a very good year in 2014 with average home values rising 6.3% from their 2013 levels, according to Zillow.com. Interest rates remain at record lows, with the average rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage currently at 3.86%. Qualified buyers are currently waiting on the sidelines to swoop in and purchase, even over-pay for homes. Winchester’s top rated school system, along with its close proximity and easy commuter rail access to Boston, has potential buyers lining up.

Right now only twelve of twenty-eight total properties for sale in Winchester are priced under $1Million. You don’t have to be Alan Greenspan to understand the principals of supply and demand, it is a very simple concept.

When there are only a few homes for sale and many qualified buyers, prices will inevitably rise. This places homeowners in a great position to sell their homes for the most money possible. 

Historically, sellers have placed their properties on the market at the start of spring, as that is the time of year buyers begin looking for new homes. Low inventory has thrown conventional thinking out the window. The laws of supply and demand dictate that getting your home on the market now is your best bet to get top dollar. In the past six months, sixty-seven properties have sold under 1 million dollars in Winchester, over 46% of them sold over asking price - and over 67% had an accepted offer that resulted in a sale in less than 30 days! If you have been considering selling your home, don’t hesitate. Now may be the best time in years to get top dollar for your home.

According to a recent report on WCVB.com, 2015 will be the biggest year in home sales in ten years. They state many reasons - from continuing low interest rates to pent up buyer demand, and the strength of the overall economy. Another factor indicated is that home owners’ equity has increased nearly 20% in Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 2011. This provides a lot of flexibility to home owners.

The Redfin Research Center in late December 2014 stated that the percentage of buyers who feel now is a good time to purchase a home, is up 6% from only this past summer. Furthermore, those buyers surveyed identified some of the top home characteristics they are looking for. The top two being-36% chose short commutes and close proximity to amenities (such as coffee shops), and 21.2% stated a highly rated school district as most crucial to their move. Winchester offers buyers both of these characteristics, therefore illustrating why Winchester is such a hot market.


My family has been in the real estate business since the 1940’s in the greater Boston area. I represent the third generation of real estate experts helping people buy and sell real estate. I am well-acquainted with Winchester. I grew up in town, and currently live here with my wife and our three children.

As in most professions, teamwork is essential in providing the best service, which is why you should choose Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Shanahan Group. We bring the highest level of professionalism and service to our clients. We have helped people buy and sell property in Winchester with a collected value over $47 Million in 2014.

Call or email me today to get your home in the “just sold” category for 2015. 

Nic Gatto

BREAKING NEWS: National Recognition for The Shanahan Group!

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...And the PAIGE award goes to...The Shanahan Group!


Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Shanahan Group announced today that it has received the brands national PAIGE Award. The distinction is bestowed to a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate brokerage for above and beyond demonstration of the national brands core values through their commitment to passion, authenticity, innovation, growth and excellence. While these values are nothing new at The Shanahan Group, we are so honored to be recognized on a national level for our commitment to our business and our integrity to each other and our clients. Thank you to our amazing group of agents and staff that make our work fun and exciting. We especially thank our clients who expect the best from their real estate professionals and drive us to be better every day. No honor could be more important to us than one that recognizes our commitment to our values of passion, authenticity, innovation, growth and excellence. A final thank you to our Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate national colleagues for this recognition and continuous support of our business. PAIGE photo For more news from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Shanahan Group, visit us here.

Get to Know Your Realtor - Part 4

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This week, in our continuing blog series Get to Know your Realtor, we are pleased to introduce Stephanie Walsh as our newest team member and our newest blog contributor. When Stephanie says it's been a whirlwind, she's not joking! She's come to us with energy, ideas, stories, humor, and insights. We are so happy to have her as part of Better Homes and Gardens The Shanahan Group. Stephanie from FB Back in 2010 I started my Real Estate career in Boston with apartment rentals. My office was right between the University of Boston and Boston College a perfect location for walk-in clients. My office was great and had the support and networking systems I was looking for. I remember during my first showing our office manager talked me through the steps in showing an apartment. I was so nervous!! I got in my car, put my GPS on, and headed out to meet my client. My palms were sweating and my heart was beating fast. I pulled up to this adorable one bedroom apartment in the heart of Brighton where I met my first client. I calmly introduced myself and keyed into the apartment. We looked around and talked about the sunny living room and recently updated kitchen. He seemed to really like the atmosphere and location and cheerfully asked for an application. I was so proud of myself! Throughout my Real Estate career I have encountered many funny and awkward moments. One afternoon during my rental career, I had a showing in Somerville then another, one hour later in Brighton center. I was stressed out about time and nervous I wouldnt make it to Brighton. I got in my car and tried to turn it on nothing. My car wouldnt start and I now had a showing appointment, which was about a half hour away. There was only one solution to my problem I needed to call my dad! I was lucky that my father was at a plumbing job in Cambridge and could switch cars with me. Little (funny) problem the car I was getting was a large white pickup truck with pipes and tools loaded in the back. But it was my only option I had to! Luckily, I made it to Brighton in time for my showing and saw my clients waiting at the driveway. I opened my not so stylish truck door and slid out in my heels. The couple laughed as I made my way over while asking, Are you from maintenance? I was shocked! Chuckling, I replied, No! Im your agent! I still laugh about this story to this day! Now Im a Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens The Shanahan Group in Winchester. The first couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. As a Realtor now based in Winchester, I need to create databases, send out announcements, and interact with people and organizations, such as Family Action Network, supporting families and the Winton Club, supporting Winchester Hospital, to form relationships. I need to become familiar with the area; what it means to be in The Flats vs. Winchester Highlands - not to mention the brand new Vinson-Owen school that just opened, Winchester High's award winning status, and so on. Luckily, as a lifelong resident of Stoneham I've got that area covered - as well as my knowledge of the surrounding communities such as Wakefield, Medford, and Woburn. I am ecstatic that I am part of such a wonderful company, which is the number one trusted brand in Real Estate! I know I will succeed in this new chapter in my life. I have a great support system here at the office along with my family and friends. Best part about this new chapter, my phone extension is the number 19 my familys lucky number I now know this wonderful opportunity is meant to be. Im not just a Realtor selling houses but forming lifelong relationships with my clients. I give 100 percent to everything I do and Im extremely down to earth. I might be living my dream but Im also making dreams come true for others!

What to Expect When Youre Moving

Well, boys here we are: less than two weeks from MOVING DAY!! Of course youve noted that 90% of the house is boxed up and that the answer to most of your Mom, wheres my? questions is either packed or I dont know. Weve talked a lot about new schools, new friends, and the emotional side of moving. As we move closer to D-Day (M-Day?), I thought Id focus on a few logistical items as well. Laundry: Im trying to keep up with the laundry as best I can in between packing and planning. If I do say so myself, Ive done a pretty good job of washing and drying. The folding-and-putting-away portion of this task leaves something to be desired. For the time being, Ive introduced a secondary system: Clothing has been divided into heaps by wearer and currently resides on the playroom couch. If you need something, look there. If you cant find it, its packed. Find something else. Clothing: I dont care what the thermometer reads, its shorts season. You have an ample supply of shorts and shirts. Ive also left out one or two sweatshirts for chilly mornings/evenings. If the temperature goes below freezing, Ill dig through to find you a light jacket. Short of that, youre strong and tough; Im sure a little light calisthenics will warm you right up. I would also like to take a minute to congratulate both you on being the same size right now. Excellent timing! Interchangeable clothing really does make things simpler. Linens: The sheets currently on your beds are there for the duration. Use them responsibly. I do have an emergency pillowcase tucked away. Dont make me use it. Most of our towels are wrapped around something expensive and/or breakable. Try to conserve what Ive left out for us (the threadbare, shredded remains). Drip dry whenever possible. Food: Grocery shopping as we know it has been suspended. I want to move as little food from house to house as possible. As we make our way through the remaining items, expect combinations to become increasingly (bizarre) eclectic, or as I like to call it, Fusion. Dad and I will try to keep the essentials in the house. For our purposes, consider essentials to be caffeine, milk, and more caffeine. Also, two words: Paper plates. Use them, love them, throw them away. Screen Time: I know that your home life recently has taken on a kind of a Lord of the Flies with take-out pizza and wifi vibe. Fun as it might have been at the beginning, Im sure we can all agree its gotten a little old. It will not continue much longer. Plan on stepping out of the basement and away from the computer/iPad/Xbox! There is life beyond Minecraft! We are moving to a bigger house, with a bigger yard, on a bigger street, with more kids. Were even going to be able to locate your bikes and sports equipment! Embrace and enjoy! All joking aside, I have to thank you both for rolling with all of the changes and interruptions that weve gone through in the last few months with preparing, showing, selling, and packing. Dad and I truly feel it will all be worth it. Only when you have kids of your own, will you understand that everything we do, we do with your best interest at heart. We so look forward to returning to our normal family life in our wonderful new home. No matter where we live, we are our family. Home Sign This week's blog post written by Realtor Associate, Christine Curtin. Christine is currently up to her eyeballs in bubble wrap and packing tape and she, her husband, and two sons prepare to move "in less than two weeks". Contact Christine at: christine.curtin@shanahanre.com

Getting to Know your REALTOR

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Welcome to Part 2 of our ongoing series, Getting to Know Your REALTOR, a chance for members of our team to stand up and blog a little about ourselves and our lives in and out of Real Estate. We're happy to introduce, Rebecca Brennan-Laird. If asked to describe Rebecca, we'd use "kind, knowledgeable, and ENERGETIC." But we'll let you hear it straight from her... About Me Rebecca I like to help people. It is in my nature and one of the reasons I love being a Realtor. And I have the best clients! I get to know them and their families and be a part of a major event in their lives. The reasons for moving are many - buying a first home, getting married, job relocation, having a baby, having another baby, empty nesting, moving to a warmer climate, losing a parent or spouse. And moving can be stressful (even the happy events can be stressful!). It is my job to make this transition as painless and stress free as possible. I am the current President of the Rotary Club of Winchester. The Rotary Motto is Service Above Self (did I mention I like to help people?) The Rotary Club just had its annual Golf Tournament at the Winchester Country Club and its annual Pancake Breakfast at the McCall Middle School. We raise money to help our community, our country and our world. I am very proud of what we accomplish as an organization and look forward to many more years of Rotary Service. Inducting three new Rotarians: Rotary Rebecca I am also a long distance runner. My most recent race was the Cape Cod Ragnar. Over 300 relay teams ran the 36 hour 192 mile race that started in Hull, MA and ended in Provincetown, MA. My team consisted of twelve runaway brides and a whole lotta fun! My Runaway Bride Relay Team: Running Rebecca I live in Winchester, MA with my wonderful husband, two handsome teenage boys, and two lovable Labrador retrievers. Rebecca's Dogs

Getting to Know Your REALTOR

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There has been a lot written and said about choosing the right Realtor. Whether you're buying or selling it's vitally important that your REALTOR is someone with whom you can work effectively. Intelligence, ethics, strong communication and negotiation skills, and local knowledge are just a few traits to look for when getting to know your REALTOR. At a conference a while back, a speaker was discussing ours is one of the few professions where potential clients decide to work with us based on whether or not we're someone they'd like to hang around with. That got us thinking; we're pretty great! We're intelligent, funny, strategic, self-effacing, and knowledgeable. We are good listeners and strong speakers. Above all we advocate, advocate, advocate. We actually do have lives away from Real Estate that shape our opinions and guide our advocacy. We champion causes and belong to the PTO. We're wives, husbands, sons, daughters, and parents. We thought it would be helpful for you to get to know us. And maybe hang around with us?

This week, we're launching Getting to Know Your Realtor, a chance for members of our team to stand up and blog a little about ourselves and our lives in and out of Real Estate. Today, we'd like you to meet Jacqui Curtin.

Jacqui On May 3rd of this year, The Winchester Friends of VNA Hospice Care celebrated its 19th year of fundraising by generating over $100,000 in at the annual Dine Around event held this year that the Winchester Country Club. The Dine Around is known for its auction hosted by radio & TV host Billy Costa featuring spectacular items, services, and destinations contributed by our generous community of local businesses and residents. Mr. Costa entertained over 250 guests facilitating the auction off featured items including a trip to Paris & a pair of diamond earrings! Net proceeds of Dine Around will help to provide Open Access to our neighbors in need of End-of-Life care. VNA Hospice Care has been providing care, comfort and support to patients and families since 1979. VNA Hospice Care provides patients with the opportunity to live their life to the last moment with dignity and free of pain. Family members and friends VNA Hospice Care provides comfort and guidance to accompany their loved one on this ultimate journey. Along with comfort and care, they provide expert Pain & Symptom Management and specific programs for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Alzheimers/Dementia, Cardio & Pulmonary diseases, and Cancer. As a REALTOR, we often highlight the tangible features of Winchester, such as our charming downtown, proximity to Boston with convenient commuter rail options, and of course the great performance of our schools. While these features are an integral part of Winchester, it is the intangible attributes of our community that make us great. But thats not what makes Winchester great. It is the intangible traits of our community that make us want to raise our family, establish roots for generations, and make us so proud to say Im from Winchester. Events like Dine Around give us the opportunity to highlight these intangibles. When youre buying a home, youre really buying into a community. The Winchester Friends of VNA Hospice Care is just one of many organizations that make Winchester the unique town that it is.. A small town with a big heart. As co-chair of the Dine Around event, I am thrilled to know that this annual event will make a real difference in helping a person without insurance to be able to receive a $1,000 chemo treatment, or a $170 basic in-home daily care service. Blog Post by REALTOR Associate, Jacqueline Burke Curtin Contact Jacqui at: jacqui.curtin@shanahanre.com